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New Video: Hypersonic Missiles vs Strategic Stability

Student/Young Pugwash UK has released a video of Matteo Frigoli discussing his research on developments with hypersonic missiles. The presentation is based on research commissioned by British Pugwash. The presentation covers: Technical issues Destabilising potential of hypersonics US, Russian and Chinese perspectives Arms control options Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbSVsxf4Aws&t=7s

Multimedia from Technology & Peace Conference (SYP UK), 7 March 2020

Student / Young Pugwash UK held its fifth Annual Conference in March 2020, titled ‘Warwick Technology & Peace Conference‘, in association with the Warwick Pugwash Student Society.  It was a multidisciplinary conference about the risks posted by emerging technologies, as well as political and technical solutions to control them. The conference brought together over 50 […]

Front of UN HQ in New York

POSTPONED – Non-Proliferation Treaty RevCon 2020 – British Pugwash discussion meeting

In light of government advice on COVID-19 and the fact that the NPT RevCon 2020 has been postponed, we have decided to postpone this event (possibly to next year). We have also postponed the AGM of British Pugwash, which was supposed to precede this meeting. Date / Time: Tues 21st April, 6pm to 7.30pm Venue: […]

British Pugwash Newsletter – January 2020

Topics covered in the British Pugwash January 2020 Newsletter include: New Research: Hypersonic weapon systems – Implications for strategic stability and arms controlResearcher job: British Pugwash project on climate change and nuclear weaponsRoyal Society video of Rees/Cox on Rotblat – Now on YouTube!Crowdfund appeal – Help SYP UK get to Doha 2020 The newsletter can […]

British Pugwash Newsletter – December 2019

Topics covered in the British Pugwash December 2019 Newsletter include: New Video: Lord Rees on Pugwash founder Sir Jo Rotblat (produced by the Royal Society)Crowdfund appeal – Help SYP UK get to Doha 2020!Pugwash President article: ‘Ditch the Bomb, not the NPT’ The newsletter can be found online here

British Pugwash Newsletter – November 2019

Topics covered in the British Pugwash November 2019 Newsletter include: Film & Debate – The End of Nuclear Weapons? – KCL, 28 NovRemembering General Sir Hugh BeachMultimedia from Ethical Science mini-conference, NottinghamCrowdfund appeal – Help SYP UK get to Doha 2020!New York meeting: The Erosion of Arms Control Architecture The newsletter can be found online here