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British Pugwash Newsletter: November / December 2022

Items include:

1. Webinar on nuclear weapons and the Ukraine- 14th December
2. Video of September’s webinar
3. Memorial service for Dr Christopher Watson
4. Rodney Fielding, former member of British Pugwash
5. …

A British Pugwash Note on the Absence of Sole Purpose in NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept

In June 2022 NATO members adopted an updated Strategic Concept (the preceding Concept having been adopted in 2010). There was reason to hope that in the updated Concept NATO members would envisage using nuclear weapons only in response to their first use by a nuclear-armed adversary.…

On ending the Ukraine conflict and reducing nuclear dangers

Note by the President and the Secretary General of Pugwash

1. We note with great concern the worsening situation in the ongoing conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The annexation of areas currently controlled by the Russian military will exacerbate tensions as Ukraine seems determined to recover the occupied regions and is supported by several NATO countries.…