Joseph Rotblat Memorial Trust

JRMT's Richard Guthrie

JRMT’s Dr Richard Guthrie

Joseph Rotblat Memorial Trust (JRMT) is a charitable organisation, whose goals include the advancement of education about international security and related technical matters.

Sir Joseph Rotblat, the nuclear physicist and peace advocate, was one of the original trustees. Rotblat donated his share of the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize to the Trust, which has henceforth sought to maintain its capital but also provide grants in support of education, research and to help scientists attend international conferences relating to international peace and security.

The Trust was founded in 1987 under the name of British Pugwash Trust but has since changed its name to both honour Joseph Rotblat’s memory and clarify its independence from the British Pugwash Group, a non-charitable membership organisation.

  • Dr Richard Guthrie – Chair
  • Orlanda Gill – Treasurer
  • Lord Rees of Ludlow OM, FRS
  • Professor John Finney FInstP, FRSC
  • Scarlett MccGwire
  • Dr Tom Milne
  • Prof Moritz Riede

Sir Joseph Rotblat
Prof. Sir Joseph Rotblat (1908 – 2005) was the only Manhattan Project scientist to resign on moral grounds and later became a voice for nuclear abolition and peace.

He was a founder of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs and a selection of his speeches, and resources about him, are on Pugwash’s website here

JRMT’s Objects

These can be summarised as:

  • Promoting education and public understanding of international security and related technical, economic and sociological issues.
  • Promoting research into such issues and publishing useful results.
  • Supporting scientists to participate in national and international conferences.