British Pugwash projects
British Pugwash runs projects which seek to engage with government, the scientific community and the public on policy issues.

Current projects include research on the ethics of armed robotic systems, the potential impact of emerging technologies on nuclear-armed submarines, the risks of climate change to military infrastructure, continued work on future energy options, and new work on arms control options relating to developments with hypersonic cruise missiles.

Recent projects include the WMD Awareness public education campaign and efforts to establish a British Disarmament Institute.

A history project is documenting the history of the Pugwash conferences since the 1950s.

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  • We often publish updates about our project work in newsletters here
  • Many of our projects are implemented with support from external funding, including from charitable foundations.
Education project
British Pugwash also supports an education programme which brings together younger people (aged 5 to 19) with inspirational Nobel Peace Laureates. For more information visit: PeaceJam UK