Project on Ethical Science

Logo - Project on Ethical ScienceThe fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are full of complex ethical questions about risk, responsibility, legality and lethality. It is vital that the UK’s emerging cohort of STEM students and young researchers consider ethics questions as part of their daily practice.

So, in 2020 Student/Young Pugwash (SYP) UK launched our ‘Project on Ethical Science’.

The project helps STEM students to engage in public debates on the social and ethical impacts of contemporary science and technology. We are developing a mutually-supportive, inclusive and diverse cohort of STEM students, young professionals and mentors, who have the knowledge and skills to positively influence their peers and society.

Mentoring ┃ Ask the Expert events ┃ Networking ┃ Multimedia content 

Training and education ┃You name it – We’re bringing it to you!

We welcome expressions of interest in the project at any time. We would also love your ideas for the project’s content and on ways we can make the outputs work better for the UK STEM community.

Please reach out to our Ethical Science Project Officer, Russell Moul, if you would like to learn more or become involved:

Project Deliverables
  • Mentorship pilot, July/Aug
  • Challenging events
  • Podcasts series
  • Media training for STEM
  • Join us – Survey here!
Events in 2021
  • Bioethics outside the box: structures, systems, societies – June 14th – Video here
  • Ethical Careers in STEM – June 9th – Video here
  • Investigative journalism training – 5th July – here
  • Robot Wars? – Joint BP & SYP event – 25th Nov – Video here
  • Lord Martin Rees – Astronomer Royal – here
  • Dame Ottoline Leyser – Head of UK Research & Innovation – here
  • Behnam Taebi – Prof of Energy & Climate Ethics – here
  • Matt Studley – Prof of Technology Ethics (on AI) – here

Check out the Project on Ethical Science Podcast!


Episode 1: Ethical Science with Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser

Episode 2: Ethics in Engineering with Professor Behnam Taebi

Episode 3: AI and Robot Ethics with Professor Matt Studley

 Project on Ethical Science Videos, 2021

Multimedia on Ethical Science, 2020