Project on Ethical Science

Over the last year, Student/Young Pugwash (SYP) UK has undertaken several activities on the theme of ‘ethical science’. This included a one-day conference with the University of Nottingham Physics department, our Festival of Ethical Science, and developing a partnership with the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

To build on this work, we are moving ahead with our ‘Project on Ethical Science’.

The project aims to help STEM students grow in confidence to engage in public debates on contemporary science issues that profoundly affect society, through the lens of ethics. To start, we are developing a mutually-supportive, inclusive and diverse cohort of STEM students, young professionals and mentors, who have the knowledge and skills to positively influence their peers, the STEM community and society.

Some of the key project deliverables are:

• A network of STEM students and young people who interesting in ethical science and ethically-minded scientists in the UK, who are willing to share their knowledge and insights into the dilemmas around ethical science.

• A mentorship scheme pilot.

• Multimedia content.

• A series of online events and a short conference on the ethical responsibilities of scientists, focussing on contemporary issues such as climate change, AI, surveillance, and weapons systems. Speakers will include both young and senior STEMists.

• A review of UK-based peace campaigns and their needs in terms of inputs on technical issues, equipping young STEMists with opportunities to get involved.

• A list of science comms literature and training courses relevant to young STEMists.


We welcome expressions of interest in the project at any time. We would also love your input and ideas for the project’s content and particularly on ways we can make the outputs work better for the UK STEM community.

Emily Enright will be driving SYP’s ‘Project on Ethical Science’ through May 2021 (part-time). She can be contacted at