VIDEO: Ethical responsibility in open source (nuclear) research (9th Nov)

In this webinar, SYP UK hosted Adina Pintilie, who specialises in applying open sources to research tasks at Ridgeway Information (bio here). Her work involves finding new tools and refining novel research techniques, particularly supporting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

She is interested in big data, machine learning, and natural language processing applications for the security sector.

The webinar considered the following:

The sense of responsibility within the open source community when researching nuclear issues is huge. When a researcher uncovers something, who should they report it to: the public – for their own safety, the relevant authorities – considering they may not be trustworthy, an international body – considering their processes take time?

This session will not offer concrete answers, but food for thought on the uses of open sources in the nuclear sphere. It will consider questions of ethics, unconscious bias in sources and survey existing work.


This was the second event in SYP UK’s ‘Festival of Ethical Science’. For more on the festival, visit:

The Chair was Niamh Healy (UCL), President of SYP UK.