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China’s Call for a No-First-Use Agreement

Reuters reported from Beijing on 28 February that the director general of the arms control department in the PRC foreign ministry had called for States with the largest nuclear arsenals to negotiate a treaty on no-first-use of nuclear weapons against each other, or to make political statements to that effect. The call was made during […]

British Pugwash Newsletter: December 2023

British Pugwash Newsletter: December 2023   Items include:   New briefing: Aspects of UK Nuclear Weapons Possession Pugwash Meeting on Irreversibility in the Nuclear Domain Student / Young Pugwash Update: Annual Conference; Negotiation Simulation Webinar video: Professor Steve Fetter on rising nuclear risks Recent articles and reports of interest   —> Download this newsletter as […]

New Briefing: Aspects of UK Nuclear Weapons Possession

Aspects of UK Nuclear Weapons Possession    Download a pdf of this briefing here.   This briefing covers four areas: i) UK nuclear weapons modernisation ii) the UK-US nuclear relationship iii) UK nuclear use policy in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war iv) UK action on nuclear arms control and disarmament.   1. Modernising the […]

British Pugwash Newsletter: September 2023

Items include:  1. Webinar: Reducing nuclear weapons and the risk of nuclear war 2. Videos of recent webinars / Joseph Rotblat documentary 3. Russia-Ukraine war: publications / materials 4. British Pugwash annual report 5. Recent articles and reports of interest 6. Student and Young Pugwash update 7. Obituary: Professor Edward (Ted) Cocking Download this newsletter as a pdf here […]

British Pugwash Annual Report 2022

Contents in this year’s annual report include: Developments in 2022 (Nuclear arms control / Chemical and Biological weapons / Climate change) Projects (Student and Young Pugwash / Peace Jam / Nuclear risk reduction / Climate change) Meetings and events (Including on: the Ukraine conflict / the nuclear non proliferation treaty / nuclear energy) Internal developments […]

2023 UK public opinion survey on nuclear weapons: article and data

In January 2023 British Pugwash and polling company Savanta conducted a survey of UK public opinion concerning nuclear weapons issues. The poll aimed to understand the views of the British public in this area and assess potential support for policies that advance nuclear arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation. The poll asked UK adults seven questions […]