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Membership is open to everyone in the UK qualified by profession or experience to contribute to the work of Pugwash. Many of our members are scientists and engineers, including many Fellows of the Royal Society, but the participation of other professionals (for example, economists, sociologists and experts on international affairs) in our work is becoming increasingly important.

We particularly welcome participation from students and young researchers, who can also work with our youth arms – Student/Young Pugwash UK.

Our members have a wide range of interests: in nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, in non-proliferation and disarmament, emerging technologies, missile technology and the militarisation of space, and terrorism and its prevention, as well as the broader fields of international peace and security.

Another continuing theme is the social responsibility of scientists and ethics, including in the biological and medical sciences. There is also an increasing concern with the environment, climate science and energy policy, including nuclear energy.


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Enquiries and information
A membership brochure containing an application form is available to download: BPG membership brochure (pdf 2MB), or by post from the address below. A separate Membership form (pdf) and a Standing Order form (pdf) are also available.
APPLY ONLINE – complete our application form here.
Membership fees are reduced for those under 30 years old, at £5 p/y. For more info, contact
Contact: Andrew Gibson, Secretary, British Pugwash
Office: Ground Floor Flat, 63A Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3BJ, UK
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7405 6661

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