Name: Pietro Dalla Vedova

President of the Warwick Pugwash Society

Studies: BSc (Hons) Economics, Politics and International Studies (EPAIS)

Topics of interest:

Strategic role of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Ethics of War.

New military technologies.


Name: Crina Iftode

SYP Liaison – University of Leicester

Studies: BA International Relations

Topics of Interest:

International Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction (especially nuclear), Disarmament (especially NPT issues), and the changing character of war.


Silhouette-Portrait-Male-520-x-576Name: Ioana Popescu

President of Leeds Student / Young Pugwash

Studied: MA Peace and Development

Topics of Interest:

(re)humanisation; aesthetics

Ethics; Human Rights


Peace and development studies


Name: Andrew Gibson

Occupation: British Pugwash Student Manager

Topics of interest:

Weapons of Mass Destruction, particularly nuclear

British politics

Ethics of war / International Humanitarian Law

New military technologies



Name: Moritz Riede

Occupation: Associate Professor in Soft Functional Nanomaterials

Topics of interest:

Science and Society,

Renewable Energy, Energy Policy


Name: Cameron Harrington

SYP Liaison – Durham University

Occupation: Assistant Professor in International Relations

Topics of interest:

Environmental Politics

International Relations






Name: Katrin M Heilmann

SYP Liaison – King’s College London

Studies: PhD Candidate, War Studies

Topics of interest:

Arms control

East Asian Security

Emerging technologies

Science, Technology and Society (STS)


Name: Richard Outram

SYP Liaison – Bradford University

Studies: Undergraduate, Development and Peace Studies

Topics of interest:

Peace Education

Community-based peace initiatives

The ‘ Pledge to Peace’ initiative



Silhouette-Portrait-Male-520-x-576Name: Kevin Miletic

President of the SOAS Pugwash Society

Studies: PhD Candidate at SOAS University of London

Topics of interest:

Nuclear disarmament

Middle Eastern security

Security Sector Reform

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