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SYP UK sit down with Fabian Hamilton MP (3rd Feb 2022)

On 3rd February at 6pm, Leeds Student/Young Pugwash (SYP) UK hosted a discussion with Fabian Hamilton MP on the UK’s role in nuclear non-proliferation and arms control. Fabian is the Shadow Minister for Peace & Disarmament and the MP for Leeds North East. Fabian provided a short overview of his work and responsibilities, before accepting […]

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VIDEO: Robot wars? Current and future challenges posed by drones and lethal autonomous weapons

On Thursday 25th November, British Pugwash and SYP UK’s Project on Ethical Science co-hosted a panel discussion on the technical, ethical and political challenges posed by drone warfare and lethal autonomous weapons (‘Killer Robots’). Speakers include: Dr Peter Burt, Researcher at Drone Wars UK (here), on technical / ‘state of play’ [Starts at 0mins25secs] Dr Ingvild […]

Call for Presentations: Technology & Peace Conference (SYP UK)

SYP UK Annual Conference // 12th February 2022 // University of Leicester Call for Presentations (pdf) – here   Student / Young Pugwash (SYP) is a network of students, researchers and younger people interested in a wide range of peace and security issues.  We are the youth wing of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Pugwash Conferences […]

EuroPugwash workshop on ‘Arms Control: Windows of Opportunities’

On 28th and 29th October, members of British Pugwash’s Executive Committee were pleased to participate in a series of discussions on the future of arms control, Russia-West relations, and future Pugwash activities. It was hosted by the Institute for International Studies of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) and the bulk of participants […]

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Oxford SYP: The challenge of radioactive waste disposal (19th Oct)

On Tuesday 19th October, Oxford Student/Young Pugwash hosted an online event on the ‘challenge of UK radioactive waste disposal’. The speaker was Dr Ian Crossland. Ian is an engineer with over 50 years experience in the nuclear industry, with a focus on decommissioning and radioactive waste management. In recent years, he has worked as an […]

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VIDEO: ‘Missile Defence and Strategic Stability in the Hypersonic Age’

This year’s post-AGM Lecture was held on 22nd September. The title was: ‘Missile Defence and Strategic Stability in the Hypersonic Age’ It was given by Harry Spencer, a postgraduate at University of Birmingham, speaking about his ongoing research with British Pugwash on missile defence systems, hypersonics and strategic stability.   For some background on the […]