VIDEO: Climate change and coastal nuclear infrastructure

On Wed 6th April, Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) hosted a webinar about the potential impacts of climate change on coastal nuclear infrastructure. The event considered how climate change impacts (eg. sea-level rise, extreme weather) could affect both civil and military nuclear sites in the UK.

Speakers were:

  • Dr Sally Brown, who wrote the recent Pugwash report on ‘Risks of sea-level rise to ports and associated facilities aligning with the Trident programme’ (here). Dr Brown is a geomorphologist and climate change adaptation scientist working at Bournemouth University (here).
  • Pete Roche, Director of Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy and former nuclear campaigner for Greenpeace (here).

The session will be chaired by Councillor David Blackburn, of Leeds City Council (here) and the Chair of NFLA (here).

Dr Sally Brown’s presentation is below:


  • NFLA is a network of councils throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, who seek to tackle in practical ways, and within their powers, the problems posed by civil and military nuclear hazards. More here