VIDEO: UK/Kazakh Pugwash Workshop on Nuclear Risk Reduction (30-31 March)

On the 30th and 31st March, British Pugwash and the Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan held a joint workshop (made up of two sessions) to discuss  analysis, ideas and past experiences pertinent to nuclear risk reduction.

The sessions were chaired by Dr Timur Zhantikin (Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan) and Sergey Batsanov (International Pugwash). Videos of presentations are below.

Day 1

Paul Ingram – Prospects for nuclear disarmament diplomacy in the wake of the Ukraine War

Sergey Savelyev – Nuclear-weapon-free zones as a factor of regional and international security

Olamide Samuel – The Ailing Legitimacy of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation regime

Ulan Igibayev – Activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in support of the CTBT

Day 2

Dr Timur Zhantikin – Nuclear deterrence, nuclear disarmament, nuclear nonproliferation

Harry Spencer – Missile Defence and Contemporary Deterrence Strategy: Prospects for Risk Mitigation

Arman Miniyazov – A complex of scientific, technical and engineering works to bring the former Semipalatinsk test site to a safe state

Dr David Alexandre Ellwood – Einstein, Risk and History


British Pugwash would like to thank our Kazakh counterparts for their insightful talks during the workshop.

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