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New Video: Hypersonic Missiles vs Strategic Stability

Student/Young Pugwash UK has released a video of Matteo Frigoli discussing his research on developments with hypersonic missiles. The presentation is based on research commissioned by British Pugwash. The presentation covers: Technical issues Destabilising potential of hypersonics US, Russian and Chinese perspectives Arms control options Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbSVsxf4Aws&t=7s

Multimedia from Technology & Peace Conference (SYP UK), 7 March 2020

Student / Young Pugwash UK held its fifth Annual Conference in March 2020, titled ‘Warwick Technology & Peace Conference‘, in association with the Warwick Pugwash Student Society.  It was a multidisciplinary conference about the risks posted by emerging technologies, as well as political and technical solutions to control them. The conference brought together over 50 […]

New research: Hypersonic weapon systems – Implications and arms control (Dec 2019)

Student/Young Pugwash UK is delighted to release a new report on developments with hypersonic missile technology. The paper covers the latest technologies, the key states involved, the risks posed and the potential ways forward for arms control and non-proliferation. The report was developed by Matteo Frigoli, a young legal scholar with specialist interests in space […]


Arms Control Winter Course, Italy – International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts (ISODARCO) – Jan 2020

Details have now been released of the fantastic ISODARCO Winter Course, organised by Italian Pugwash. Full details and registration is online here: www.isodarco.it ——— 59th Winter Course of the International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts (ISODARCO) Subject: Emerging Technologies, Evolving Nuclear Postures, and Deteriorating Norms: is the Global Nuclear Order Eroding? Venue: Andalo (Trento, […]

Pugwash at APPG on drones: ‘Drones, swarming and the future of warfare’

Our Executive Committee member, Sebastian Brixey-Williams, spoke about some of his recent research on marine drones to a meeting organised by three different All Party Parliamentary Groups. The presentation touched on some of his Pugwash-funded research on how trends in unmanned underwater vehicles might impact submarine-based nuclear weapons systems. A summary of the meeting is […]

British Pugwash Newsletter March 2019

Topics covered in the British Pugwash Spring 2019 Newsletter include: Delegation to Moscow to discuss arms control Hypersonic missiles and strategic stability – new research British Pugwash Annual General Meeting + Public Lecture Student/Young Pugwash UK – Conference Report Rotblat Memorial Lecture – A review ‘Capturing Technology. Rethinking Arms Control’ – Germany The newsletter can […]