Multimedia from Technology & Peace Conference (SYP UK), 7 March 2020

Student / Young Pugwash UK held its fifth Annual Conference in March 2020, titled ‘Warwick Technology & Peace Conference‘, in association with the Warwick Pugwash Student Society. 

It was a multidisciplinary conference about the risks posted by emerging technologies, as well as political and technical solutions to control them.

The conference brought together over 50 participants, including young researchers, practitioners, campaigners and students. Attendance and engagement from senior members of the Pugwash network was also most appreciated.

  • The agenda is here

A number of speakers have shared their Powerpoint slides. These include:

  • Dr Catherine Rhodes on catastrophic misuse of biology (here)
  • Laura Nolan on autonomous weapons (‘killer robots’) and moral distance (here)
  • Dr Frank Boulton on the effects of nuclear weapons (here)
  • Niamh Healy on the ‘cyber-nuclear nexus’ (here)
  • Lyubomir Sakaliyski on the laws around space weaponisation (here)
  • Matteo Frigoli on hypersonic weapons and their effect on strategic stability (here)

Multimedia reports from previous SYP UK Annual Conferences can be found online here