Arms Control Winter Course, Italy – International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts (ISODARCO) – Jan 2020

Details have now been released of the fantastic ISODARCO Winter Course, organised by Italian Pugwash.

Full details and registration is online here:


59th Winter Course of the International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts (ISODARCO)

Subject: Emerging Technologies, Evolving Nuclear Postures, and Deteriorating Norms: is the Global Nuclear Order Eroding?

Venue: Andalo (Trento, Italy), Date: 8-15 January 2020

Principal Lecturers:

Joan S. Johnson-Freese, Naval War College

Rebecca Gibbson, Belfer Center, Harvard University

Vladimir Kozin, Moscow State Institute of International relations

Adil Sultan Muhammad, Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies, Islamabad

Theodore Postol, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tariq Rauf, Canada

Philip Reiner, CEO, Technology for Global Security, Palo Alto

Carl Robichaud, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Frank Sauer, Bundeswehr University, Munich

Scott Smitson, US Southern Command

Nina Tannenwald, Brown University

Beyza Unal, Chatham House

Heather Williams, King’s College, London

Wu Riqiang, Renmin University of China.

Confirmations are expected from other eminent experts who have been invited to lecture at the course.

Group photo from ISODARCO 2019