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VIDEO: Ethics & Digital – Feminist cybersecurity and Decolonising AI (5th Nov)

In this SYP UK webinar, Dr Kanta Dihal (Leverhulme Future of Intelligence Centre) discussed her work on Decolonising AI and Julia Slupska (Digital Ethics Lab) talked about feminist cybersecurity. The Chair was Niamh Healy (UCL), SYP UK President.   This was the first event in SYP UK’s Festival of Ethical Science. For more on the […]


VIDEO: The challenges of UK radioactive waste disposal (15th Dec) – Post-AGM talk

This British Pugwash talk covered the history, science and ethics of radioactive waste management in the UK. Our guest speaker was Dr Ian Crossland, a specialist with more than 50 years’ experience of the nuclear industry (here). Date / Time: Tues 15th Dec, 17:30 – 19:00 GMT Abstract: The UK has a small mountain of […]

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VIDEO: Science and Indigenous Peoples (24th Nov)

In this webinar, SYP UK hosted Riley Taitingfong and Dr Hilding Neilson discussed science and technology from the perspective of Indigenous communities. Riley Taitingfong, a PhD candidate at UCSD (here), introduced her work on gene drives on Pacific Ocean islands in the context of historic and ongoing impacts of settler colonialism and military experimentation. Hindling […]

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VIDEO: Codes for Coders – Killer robots, ethics and the law (17th Nov)

This SYP webinar looked at the role of tech workers and STEM students in efforts to challenge the rise of lethal autonomous weapons (‘killer robots’). Our guest speaker was Taniel Yusef (WILPF UK), who is researching the views of and current regulatory frameworks for STEMists working on robot-relevant tech. Her findings will be presented to […]

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VIDEO: Ethical responsibility in open source (nuclear) research (9th Nov)

In this webinar, SYP UK hosted Adina Pintilie, who specialises in applying open sources to research tasks at Ridgeway Information (bio here). Her work involves finding new tools and refining novel research techniques, particularly supporting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). She is interested in big data, machine learning, and natural language processing applications for […]

British Pugwash newsletter – November 2020

Topics covered in the British Pugwash November 2020 Newsletter include: Remembering Frank Barnaby Nuclear Responsibilities Report Launch (BASIC) BPG’s AGM and Lecture on nuclear waste policies Festival of Ethical Science NPT RevCon 2021 – provisional date VIDEO: China’s nuclear weapons, with Dr Tong Zhao (SYP UK) The newsletter can be found online here