SYP’s Project on Ethical Science – Get involved!

The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are full of complex ethical questions about risk, responsibility, legality and lethality.

It is vital that the UK’s emerging cohort of STEMists consider ethics questions as part of their daily practice.

“But where can we go to learn more about ethics in STEM?”, we hear you ask. Look no further!

Student/Young Pugwash UK’s Project on Ethical Science is creating a network of young STEMists interested in ethics.

We’re running a series of events and engagement opportunities with senior scientists and leading voices on ethical questions around cyber, AI, ethical energy sources, killer robots, space and more.

Mentoring ┃ Ask the Expert events ┃ Networking ┃ Multimedia content ┃ Training and education resources ┃You name it – we’re bringing it to you!

To get involved, just fill in our handy Google form!

SYP UK will be offering a media training programme to a group of selected applicants, to help emerging leaders in STEM sharpen their skills as expert science communicators. We’ll also be connecting young STEMists with UK-based peace campaigns, who fight to reduce existential risks created by deadly weapons and want to use science for good.

Get in touch with any questions or comments (via – we’d love to hear about how to make this project work for you!


Digital faceOver the last year, SYP UK held a number of events on the theme of ‘ethical science’, including a one-day conference with University of Nottingham Physics.

In 2021, we’ll build on this by developing a mutually-supportive, inclusive and diverse cohort of student and non-student STEMists, who have the knowledge and skills to positively influence their peers, the STEM community and society.

In detail, the key project goals are:

  • Build a database of ethically-minded UK scientists, willing to speak at Pugwash events and potentially to mentor students.
  • Build a database of STEM students and younger people who care about the ethical application of science.
  • Pilot a mentorship scheme wherein established STEMists will support and guide younger STEMists on issues related to ethics, science and their careers.
  • Publish new multimedia content (eg. web, social media, YouTube) on Pugwash ideas and their relevance to the present day.
  • Host a series of webinars about the ethical responsibility of scientists, particularly on contemporary issues such as climate change, artificial intelligence, surveillance, and the role of universities/private sector in weapons research etc.
  • Survey UK-based peace campaigns about their understanding of technical issues and whether they need input from the STEM community.
  • Publish a list of science communication literature and training courses relevant to young STEMists.

If you’re interested in any aspect of this project, please take a sec to fill out this form:

Niamh Healy (UCL) is SYP UK’s Project Officer on this initiative. She can be contacted at

The British Pugwash Community:

SYP UK, as the youth wing of British Pugwash, is supported by some of the most eminent persons in UK science.

This group includes our Patrons, such as the Astronomer Royal (Lord Martin Rees OM FRS), Dame Athene Donald DBE FRS and Prof Angela Vincent FMedSci FRS.

BPG also boasts a membership cohort of accomplished scientists, academics, public policy leaders and other esteemed community leaders throughout the UK. We welcome members’ engagement on SYP’s Project on Ethical Science.

More on British Pugwash at:

Past Ethical Science events:

In 2020, we hosted some great events on ethics in science & tech. Below are a few examples: