Pugwash Peace Workshops, SYP UK, March 2021

Students at SYP conferenceThroughout March, Student/Young Pugwash (SYP) UK is running a series of online ‘peace workshops’, bringing together international researchers and policy practitioners to discuss opportunities for international co-operation, arms control and peace.

All are welcome. Details below.

Keynote: Dr Lassina Zerbo (Chief Exec, CTBTO), in conversation

Our keynote speaker is Dr Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) Organization.

He will be speaking about prospects for the CTBT and wider arms control, on Wed 17th March at 4pm GMT (UK). Register here

Russia and the West: Opportunities for co-operation?

Wed 10th March // 2pm GMT (UK) // Register here

Speakers include:

  • Marion Messmer (BASIC, UK) – ‘Trust building between Russia and US: a necessary precondition for future cooperation’ – Bio here
  • Segei Rastoltsev (IMEMO, Russia) – ‘Post-Soviet Space Protracted Conflicts in the Russia-West Security Relations’ – Bio here
  • William Moon (Simson Center, USA) – ‘Cooperative Nuclear Weapons Reductions – A New Paradigm to Roll Back Nuclear Weapons and Increase Security and Stability’ – Bio here

Cyber and digital technologies in warfare – Responsibility and control

Wed 17th March // 5pm GMT (UK) // Register here

Speakers include:

  • Shira Cohen (Israel SYP) – ‘Cyber arms race: From War Zones to Agreements’
  • Dr Lyndon Burford (KCL, UK) – ‘Blockchain in nuclear arms control verification’
  • Natalya Samoylovskaya (Russian SYP) – ‘Opportunities and challenges for EU and Russia cooperation in AI research and development’

The Nuclear Ban Treaty (TPNW) – Successes, values and omissions

Wed 24th March // 3pm GMT (UK) // Register here

Speakers include:

  • Dr Rebecca Johnson (ICAN UK) – ‘The Treaty and the campaign behind it’
  • Ekaterina Lapanovich (Ural Federal University, Russia) – ‘The Quest for Change: Nuclear Deterrence, Nuclear Norms and the Nuclear Ban’
  • Virginia Marie Kerr (Middlebury Institute of International Studies, USA) – ‘Atomic Erasure: Visibility and Inclusion in the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Weapons’

Nuclear arms control in 2021 and beyond

Wed 24th March // 5pm GMT (UK) // Register here

Speakers include:

  • Ezra Friedman (International SYP) – ‘The JCPOA 2.0 Conundrum’ 
  • Harry Spencer (Leicester University, UK) – Strategic Dilemmas for Nuclear Arms Control in the “New Era of Counterforce” 
  • Kanica Rakhra (Indian Ministry of External Affairs) – ‘Talking Past Each Other: Track 1 Nuclear Initiatives’

The workshops are held in the spirit of SYP UK’s Annual Conferences (here) and International SYP’s biennial conferences (here). Some of the sessions will be held under Chatham House rules