Rotblat – a nuclear physicist in the public eye 1944-1957

18 July 2011

At the Annual Conference of the British Society for the History of Science, Exeter, British Pugwash organised a session on ‘Rotblat – a nuclear physicist in the public eye 1944-1957’.

Andrew Brown, who has just completed Jo’s biography, talked on discoveries in the Rotblat archive about Jo’s leaving the Manhattan project (pdf). John Finney with Carol Naughton gave a presentation on the Atomic Train – an early (1947) project to raise awareness of nuclear issues. British Pugwash Treasurer Kit Hill presented a joint paper with Sandy Butcher (Director of the Pugwash History Project) on Jo’s involvement in the founding of the Pugwash movement (large pdf). Finally, a paper by Martin Underwood discussed Jo’s return to Liverpool University, the Chadwicks and the development of nuclear physics in the UK (pdf).