Planetary Boundaries: Challenging Environmental Orthodoxies

6 July 2011

Professor RockstromAddressing a well-attended British Pugwash Group meeting on 6 July at University College London, Professor Johan Rockström of Stockholm University outlined the concept of planetary boundaries developed by an international group of earth scientists and systems analysts and Mark Lynas, author of the award-winning ‘Six Degrees: Our future on a hotter planet‘, has written a new book ‘The God species: How the planet can survive the age of humans‘ introducing the science behind the identification of planetary boundaries. A lively panel debate followed.

Read a summary of the talks by Professor Rockström and Mark Lynas (pdf)

View Professor Rockström’s presentation (pdf 57 pages)

Read a summary of the panel discussion (pdf) chaired by Oliver Morton (The Economist), beginning with brief statements from Craig Bennett (Friends of the Earth), Phil Bloomer (Oxfam), Molly Conisbee (Soil Association), Jim Jepps (Green Party) and Fred Pearce (New Scientist).