Pugwash Peace & Disarmament Conference – Save the date!

Student/Young Pugwash UK is collaborating with British Pugwash to host a major, one-day conference exploring the prospects for arms control and disarmament over the coming years.

The conference will be on 23rd February 2019 at SOAS, London. Register here.

Pugwash Peace & Disarmament Conference will consider cutting-edge issues in nuclear weapons policy and emerging technologies, as well as the underlying political dynamics which influence them.

Our opening panel will include Fabian Hamilton MP (Shadow Minister for Peace & Disarmament), Peter Jenkins (former UK Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency) and Dr Heather Williams (Lecturer in Defence Studies at KCL), covering trends in international relations and technology.

The afternoon will include workshops on nuclear weapons and emerging technologies, led by young researchers in the Student/Young Pugwash (SYP) UK network.

Information and registration

The conference will close with a drinks reception.

Full agenda to follow…


This conference is organised by SYP UK, in collaboration with British Pugwash Group.

It is multidisciplinary and open to people of all ages.


Multimedia reports from previous SYP UK conferences can be found here


NB. British Pugwash is offering free membership for 1 year to all conference attendees under 30 years old. For more on this, contact syp@britishpugwash.org