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Hans Blix The outlook for peace and disarmament

Dr Hans Blix, the former UN Chief Weapons Inspector who led the inspections in Iraq in 2002-03, gave the 9th Joseph Rotblat lecture at Hay Literary Festival on 26 May 2013. He said he would vote for a place for the UK in the Guinness Book of Records, if it dropped the plan to renew Trident.

The foreign-policy implications of the Trident replacement debate

Deterrence and defence policies are at the core of Britain's Trident replacement policy debates. The strategic foreign policy implications of the replacement debate for Britain also require closer consideration. These were some of the conclusions of an IISS discussion meeting at Arundel House on 'The foreign-policy implications of the Trident replacement debate' on 13 March.

Royal Society of Edinburgh, Trident – should we keep it?

Together with the WMD Awareness Programme, British Pugwash co-sponsored this 'mock trial' of Trident in Edinburgh on 23 June. Professor Michael Clarke, Director of the Royal United Services Institute, made the 'no' case, with the 'yes' arguments being put by former UK Defence Secretary and Secretary General of NATO Lord Robertson of Port Ellen.