Call for papers: Student / Young Pugwash Conference, 27 January 2024

7th Annual Conference, Saturday 27 January 2024

Call for papers and presentations

Theme: Artificial Intelligence: implications for peace and security

Location: King’s College London / Online via zoom


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a subject of immediate and growing concern. The revolutionary potential of this technology could significantly reshape global society for good or ill. This conference will explore current and future applications of AI in relation to peace and security. SYP wants to give students and young professionals the opportunity to present their thoughts and findings on these vital topics. This is your chance to share your views, get feedback, and hear from some of the leading voices in the field.

Key questions we want to explore at the conference include:

  • How can AI help create a more peaceful world?
  • What are the military and security implications of AI?
  • How does AI interact with nuclear weapons?
  • How should AI be regulated, for example, in terms of arms control and disarmament?

The conference will provide a space for students and young professionals to share their ideas, be creative, and think big. The event will include prominent figures from civil society, academia, and government. Sessions will include: expert talks; panel discussions; how to get involved with SYP.

How to submit your paper / presentation

We welcome proposals on all topics relating to Artificial Intelligence, but particularly those addressing questions of military technology (e.g. drones, lethal autonomous weapons systems), nuclear weapons, regulation and arms control. We encourage papers engaging with the concepts of global and regional security, including contested ideas, practices and technologies of AI, discipline and regulation, current challenges and possible future trajectories and responses. Other themes that might be addressed include: nuclear security, deterrence, arms control e.g. banning ‘killer robots’, multilateral agreements and processes e.g. United Nations, beneficial / harmful impacts of AI systems, proliferation challenges, the disarmament agenda, and strategic stability.

Submissions from postgraduate students, non-academics and those working in other disciplines are welcome. If you are uncertain about whether the topic you wish to present on fits with the conference brief, please do either contact us or submit your idea, as we are open to a range of approaches.

Proposals should be no longer than 400 words and include the following:

  1. Your name, organisation / university affiliation, position / educational level, and your discipline (e.g. what you study)
  2. The provisional title of your presentation
  3. A summary of your presentation, including its context
  4. Specific policy or other recommendations, for government, international organisations or civil society, are encouraged but not essential

Please submit your proposal to SYP UK Coordinator Dr Tim Street:

The deadline for submissions is 31st December 2023

If accepted, we ask that you present for 5 – 15 minutes (followed by questions) at the conference. We would prefer it if you can present your paper in person but would consider online presentations. We would like to include a short summary of papers in the conference proceedings, which will be shared among British Pugwash’s membership, with international partners, and on our website.

Panels will be chaired by senior members of British Pugwash, hailing from the worlds of diplomacy, academia and science. 

About Student / Young Pugwash

Student / Young Pugwash (SYP) is a network of students, researchers and younger people interested in a wide range of peace and security issues. We are the youth wing of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, founded in 1957 by Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Joseph Rotblat, and other prominent public figures and scientists.

Our annual conference is an opportunity for younger people to share their ideas and research from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Conference attendees will be a mix of established experts from the Pugwash community (e.g. diplomats, scientists, academics, campaigners) and students / young researchers.

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