Video, Dr Steve Fetter 18/10/23: ‘Reducing nuclear weapons and the risk of nuclear war’

Date / Time: 18 October 2023, 1400-1530 BST

Venue: Dockrill room, K6.07, Strand Building, King’s College London Strand Campus, WC24 2LS

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NB: Please note that if you wish to attend the event in-person at King’s College London, you must register through CSSS’ online form in order to access the building. You will need to do this by close of business on 17/10 or it won’t be possible to get through reception at the Strand.

Speaker: Dr Steve Fetter, Visiting Professor at King’s College London

Respondent: Professor Christopher Hobbs, King’s College London

Chair: James Brady, British Pugwash / King’s College London

Topic: The invasion of Ukraine by Russia significantly increased the possibility of nuclear use and continues to be a subject of grave concern. The Doomsday Clock, which marks the threat of global catastrophe, is at the closest point to midnight it has ever been. At this most dangerous of times, it is vital that nuclear risk reduction, arms control and disarmament are revived.

In this talk, Prof. Steve Fetter will review US nuclear weapons policy across administrations, especially in relation to the current conflict in Ukraine, and consider how Washington can reduce nuclear risks. He will also reflect on emerging technology and strategic challenges at a time of rising international tension, and how scientists and the public can get involved in these issues.

Following the talk there will be a Q&A. The event will be recorded.

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