Warwick meeting: 24/01/19 – ‘The Death of the Iran Deal and Nuclear Instability’

Blurb by Warwick Student/Young Pugwash:

A nuclear storm gathers over the Middle East.

Reckless American foreign policy has almost certainly doomed the Iran Nuclear Deal, the only instrument standing between Iran and the acquisition of the deadliest device to have ever existed. If the treaty falls, it will almost certainly spread chaos across the global nuclear order.

Warwick Pugwash and the University of Warwick International Relations society have invited Ezra Friedman, a foreign policy and national security professional associated with GRI, LSE and INSS, to discuss the affair.

Join us to find out how we got into this terrible situation, what would happen if the deal is eliminated and if there is any hope of saving the deal at all.

If you need a silver lining, free pizza will be provided.

Room: MS.04

Time: 6pm – 7pm

Date: 24th January 2019

Facebook event