The Management of the UK’s Plutonium Stocks

In November 2009 the British Pugwash Group published a report of its working group on The Management of Separated Plutonium in the UK.

Since then DECC, the Government department responsible for the management of the plutonium stockpile, has been undertaking investigations of the three options discussed in the British Pugwash report.

In February 2011 DECC published its preliminary conclusions, and launched a consultation on those conclusions, in the form of seven specific questions about its general approach. British Pugwash submitted its response on 9 May 2011. Read or download the British Pugwash response (pdf)

On 1 December 2011, DECC published a report  which concludes that its preferred approach is to pursue the reuse of the majority of the UK stockpile of separated plutonium as mixed oxide fuel (MOX). The report lists the names of the ~80 individuals and organisations which responded to the consultation (including British Pugwash) and gives access to each written response, though it does not analyse the responses.

On 20 January 2014, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) published a progress report which widened the range of approaches under consideration, but gave no analysis or conclusions.

The DECC Business Plan for 2012-15 mentions a programme area entitled “Manage our energy legacy responsibly and cost-effectively” with a budget of about £5B but gives no analysis of the figure.