Pugwash Peace & Disarmament Conference 2019 – multimedia report!

Student / Young Pugwash UK held its fourth Annual Conference in February 2019, titled ‘Pugwash Peace & Disarmament Conference‘. It explored the prospects for arms control and disarmament over the coming years, with focuses on nuclear weapons and emerging technologies.

The conference brought together over 70 participants, including young researchers, practitioners, campaigners and students. Attendance and engagement from senior members of the Pugwash network was also most appreciated.

  • The agenda is here
  • The opening panel included remarks from Peter Jenkins (Chair of British Pugwash) about a recent Pugwash visit to Moscow to discuss arms control – here
  • Working Group reports on:
    • Nuclear arms control and disarmament here
    • Nuclear weapons policies – Countries and regions here
    • Emerging technologies – here

In the late afternoon, there were two sessions under the ‘Technology 101’ theme, looking at some of the technical features of nuclear weapons and autonomous weapons. There was also a brainstorming session for campaigners to stimulate greater cooperation among arms control advocates.

Photos from the conference