New on YouTube: People of Science – Sir Joseph Rotblat (Co-founder of Pugwash)

Royal Society / Pugwash Collaboration:
People of Science – Sir Jo Rotblat (featuring Prof Brian Cox & Lord Martin Rees)


We are delighted to announce that the Royal Society video on Pugwash and its founder (Sir Joseph Rotblat) is now available on YouTube (here).

The film is part of a series hosted by Prof Brian Cox, in which he interviews eminent scientists on impactful figures from the history of science. The guest for this episode is Lord Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal and long-term Pugwashite.

The film covers Rotblat’s time on the Manhattan Project, his later contributions to the global peace movement (via Pugwash), and his advocacy for a ‘Hippocratic Oath for Scientists’.

The film will is also available on BBC iPlayer here

View the film on YouTube
View the film on BBC iPlayer


  • The series was produced by the Royal Society (more on them here)
  • Lord Rees spoke at a Pugwash/SOAS event in 2017 titled ‘Peering into the Future: The Bumpy Road Ahead’ – audio is online here