Ethical Science? – Nottingham University – 23rd October 2019

British Pugwash is co-hosting with University of Nottingham Physics Department a mini-conference about ethical issues in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The conference is open to all ages and disciplines. A draft agenda is below.

Ethical science?

Wed 23rd October, UoN

1 – 1.55pm: Early days of Pugwash – Concerned Cold War scientists

Speakers: Ambassador Peter Jenkins (Chair of British Pugwash); Emeritus Professor John Finney, Physics, UCL

2 – 3.15pm: Workshop 1: Ethics of energy production – Nuclear & Green New Deal

Dr Ian Crossland (Independent Consultant at IAEA) on nuclear power and intergenerational ethics; Nadia Whittome, Labour Party activist, on the ‘Green New Deal’

3.15 – 3.45pm: Refreshments

3.45 – 4.55pm: Workshop 2: Technologies of war and peace 

Laura Nolan (International Committee on Robot Arms Control, formerly Google) on ‘Killer Robots’; Anuradha Damale (Verification Research, Training and Information Centre) on nuclear weapons verification programmes

5.00pm – 6pm: Closing discussion – The Lucas Plan – Arms to Renewables?

Tony Simpson and Tom Unterrainer (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation) on the experiences of the Lucas Aerospace Combine Shop Stewards Committee and Mike Cooley’s ideas of ‘Socially Useful Production’



To register for the event, please visit:


C27 Lecture Theatre, Physics, University Park campus (University of Nottingham, NG7 2RD)


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