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President of Pugwash at SOAS – Nuclear issues in South Asia

NB. Audio from the event can be found here. On 8th December Jayantha Dhanapala, the President of Pugwash and former Under-Secretary-General of the UN, spoke to students at SOAS about nuclear issues in South Asia. He covered the relationships between nuclear-armed states like India, China and Pakistan but also how non-nuclear states perceive and interact […]

Physics students get political – University of Nottingham seminar

On 28th November, two members of the British Pugwash Executive Committee addressed an undergraduate Physics class at University of Nottingham. It was a lively two hours, in which students, their Professor and Pugwashites debated the ethics of autonomous robots weapons (‘Killer Robots’), the intergenerational fairness of nuclear waste storage policies and learnt about early attempts by physicists, […]

Trump or Clinton: Implications for International Security

Warwick Pugwash Student Society (WPSS) held its first event of the academic year on 3rd November 2016, just a few days before the US Presidential election. The guest speaker was Rory Kinane, Warwick alumnus and manager of the US and Americas Programme at Chatham House. Rory gave a wide-ranging presentation covering the (often changeable) foreign policy […]

The Syrian Conflict : where from and where to

The Warwick Pugwash Student Society (WPSS) held it’s first event on the 22nd of October 2015 at the University of Warwick. The discussion on the long lasting Syrian conflict and its complex pattern of alliances and enmities, was led by Dr Nicola Pratt and gathered over 35 students. Dr Nicola Pratt has extensively researched and written on democratization, […]

Ethics and Autonomous Weapons Systems – Bristol event

British Student Young Pugwash, in collaboration with Bristol Global Insecurities Centre, held a fascinating seminar on the ethics and politics of robotic weaponry. The event was held on 25th  May 2016 at Bristol University. Speakers included: Dr Joanna Bryson (Bath) and Dr Alexander Leveringhaus (Oxford). Chaired by: Prof. Timothy Edmunds (Bristol) Full report here (prepared […]