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Mapping Disarmament in the UK

In response to a high level request for an overview of UK non-governmental work on nuclear disarmament, British Pugwash has produced a directory of the UK-based NGOs and individual experts with a focus on non-proliferation and disarmament issues.

Royal Society of Edinburgh, Trident – should we keep it?

Together with the WMD Awareness Programme, British Pugwash co-sponsored this 'mock trial' of Trident in Edinburgh on 23 June. Professor Michael Clarke, Director of the Royal United Services Institute, made the 'no' case, with the 'yes' arguments being put by former UK Defence Secretary and Secretary General of NATO Lord Robertson of Port Ellen.

Joseph Rotblat Memorial Lecture 2011

The annual Rotblat lecture at the Hay Festival featured Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, former Director General of the IAEA, live from Cairo in discussion with Jon Snow. Dr ElBaradei's book, The Age of Deception: Nuclear Diplomacy in Treacherous Times, the 'Arab Spring', and his candidacy in the 2011 Egyptian elections were among the subjects covered.

The future of Trident

General Sir Hugh Beach, former Master-General of the Ordnance and Dr Nick Ritchie, Bradford Disarmament Research Centre addressed a British Pugwash discussion meeting at University College London.