New podcast – Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness!

British Pugwash was the host of a major, public awareness campaign for over 10 years – WMD Awareness – which educated the public and politicians about the reality of nuclear (and other) weapons.

One of the leading lights of the initiative – Luke Wilson – has made a fantastic podcast about the history and insights gleaned from the project, called ‘Drop The Bomb’. It is based on wide-ranging interviews with experts and campaigners on nuclear weapons, whom had been involved with WMD Awareness over many years.

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More on ‘Drop The Bomb’

Where is the conversation around nuclear weapons and how can art and politics work together for social change?

Drop The Bomb combines the stories and perspectives of experts, artists and campaigners to shed light on these urgent questions. Starting with the necessary story of Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Joseph Rotblatt, we hear the fascinating journey through the world of nuclear weapons of Carol Naughton and Paul Ingram, ending with award-winning filmmaker Smriti Keshari on her timely immersive film, The Bomb.

Thanks to all contributors and organisations that have supported the work of WMDAwareness over the years.

To find out more about nuclear weapons and get involved search for BASIC, Student/Young Pugwash, Quakers, MedAct, Greenpeace and CND, amongst others.

Produced by Luke Wilson through WMD Awareness.