Mapping Disarmament in the UK

In response to a high level request for an overview of UK non-governmental work on nuclear disarmament, British Pugwash has produced a directory (pdf) of the UK-based NGOs and individual experts that have a focus on the non-proliferation and disarmament of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Publications 2010-2012: Mapping disarmament in the UK

The project began in 2008, in response to a request from Baroness Shirley Williams for a summary of who was doing what in the UK’s non-governmental nuclear disarmament community. The British Pugwash Group collected and collated information about relevant organisations.
The directory provides an overview of non-governmental organisations and individuals involved in nuclear, chemical and biological disarmament in the UK. We hope that it will be useful to people within the field, as well as those outside it – for example, by helping to locate expert advice on particular aspects of disarmament and non-proliferation, and giving an insight into some of the links between groups. It may also facilitate the development of links between organisations, perhaps enabling the creation of national and international partnerships.

The project was undertaken with minimal resources, with most of the work being conducted voluntarily. Whilst the authors strove to make the directory up-to-date and comprehensive, they were not able to cross-check the entries, and they are aware that some details in the document may be superseded, for example, when staff leave organisations.