Global Climate Finance: Securing a low carbon future (27th April 2017)

This seminar has been organised by Student / Young Pugwash members at SOAS.

However, non-students are actively encouraged to attend.

TitleGlobal Climate Finance: How to Secure the Transition Towards a Low Carbon Future

Date / Time: 27th April, 5pm – 7pm

Location: S312 (Senate House), SOAS, Bloomsbury, WC1E 7HU. Nearest underground: Russell Square

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The Background

The Agreement signed in Paris in December 2015 established a clear temperature target for the international community. However, in order to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global temperature to well below 2°C, substantial financial resources need to be harvested. The IEA has recently found that, only in the energy sector, investments equal to USD 3.5 trillion will be required on average each year between 2016 and 2050 to achieve that target. Global public finance cannot fuel the transition alone. The seminar will explore the current challenges and opportunities that could secure the transition towards a low carbon future.

The Speaker

Federico Mazza works as Climate Finance Analyst at the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI). Federico has strong expertise in tracking private climate investments built during his work on CPI’s Global Landscape of Climate Finance and through participation in the meetings of the UNFCCC’s Standing Committee on Finance, the OECD Research Collaborative on Tracking Climate Finance, the Climate Change Expert Group and other expert workshops. He is also been a leading analyst for the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance and has supported CPI’s work on risk management and climate resilience.