VIDEO: Robot wars? Current and future challenges posed by drones and lethal autonomous weapons

On Thursday 25th November, British Pugwash and SYP UK’s Project on Ethical Science co-hosted a panel discussion on the technical, ethical and political challenges posed by drone warfare and lethal autonomous weapons (‘Killer Robots’).

Speakers include:

  • Dr Peter Burt, Researcher at Drone Wars UK (here), on technical / ‘state of play’ [Starts at 0mins25secs]
  • Dr Ingvild Bode, Principle Investigator of the ‘AutoNorms’ project (here), on the international politics [Starts at 15mins24secs]
  • Professor Christian Ememark, University of Southampton (here), on ethical considerations [Starts at 32mins]

The moderator was SYP UK’s Jeanne Frebault, a Physics student at King’s College London.

– For more on SYP UK’s Project on Ethical Science, visit here
– In February, SYP UK is hosting a conference on ‘Technology and Peace’ at University of Leicester. For info, visit here