godefroypic_nName : Godefroy Harito

President of the Warwick Pugwash Society

Studies: BSc. Business Management

Topics of interest:

How new technologies will influence future conflicts (drones and autonomous weapons)

Cyber Security

Humanitarian impact of Nuclear Weapons


Julia-Amos_colour_316pxName : Dr Julia Amos

Managing the Oxford Pugwash Society

Occupation: Research Lecturer, Merton College, Oxford

Topics of Interest:

Development Studies; History and Politics of the Developing World

Global Governance

Special interest: the interaction between the politics of violence and development


Silhouette-Portrait-Male-520-x-576Name : Ioana Popescu

President of Leeds Student / Young Pugwash

Studied: MA Peace and Development

Topics of Interest:

(re)humanisation; aesthetics

Ethics; Human Rights


Peace and development studies


Name : Andrew Gibson

Occupation: British Pugwash Student Manager

Topics of interest:

Weapons of Mass Destruction, particularly nuclear

British politics

Ethics of war / International Humanitarian Law

New military technologies



Name: Moritz Riede

Occupation: Associate Professor in Soft Functional Nanomaterials

Topics of interest:

Science and Society,

Renewable Energy, Energy Policy







Andreas_TsamadosName : Andreas Tsamados

President of the King’s College London Pugwash Society

Studies: BA. International Relations at King’s College London

Topics of interest:

Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and Nuclear proliferation

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Cyber power and States: Legal framework surrounding the subject of cyber-attacks and their role in international relations

Surgical Strikes, Targeted Killing, and Drones

French foreign policy: interplay between systemic, national and sub-national factors, actors and processes


Silhouette-Portrait-Male-520-x-576Name : Kevin Miletic

President of the SOAS Pugwash Society

Studies: PhD Candidate at SOAS University of London

Topics of interest:

Nuclear disarmament

Middle Eastern security

Security Sector Reform

Email: or