Student/Young Pugwash SYP

Today new and more ‘efficient’ weapons are being developed along with new kinds of weaponry such as drones that enable war-fighting at a distance; consider also the implications of cyber technology.

It is critical that our young scientists are aware of the potential implications of their work, yet there is little attempt in the UK university system to expose students to these issues. Student/Young Pugwash is a way to raise these issues and other issues relating to the ethical use of science within both our secondary and tertiary education systems and to engage with the wider Pugwash community at national and international level.

Student/Young Pugwash groups exist in universities and other institutions throughout the world, as reflected in the International Young/Student Pugwash movement.

In the UK from mid-2015, Student/Young Pugwash activities will be supported by a part-time coordinator, who will engage with students, especially young scientists in full time education, in helping to set up new Student/Young Pugwash groups and to support those that are developing in specific universities. Another important aspect of the coordinator’s role will be to promote continuity within these groups through successive generations of students.

SYP groups will also be working in coordination with our hosted projects – WMD Awareness and PeaceJam UK.

Alexandra Tsamados SYP Coordinator

SYP groups are currently active at Merton College Oxford, SOAS, Warwick University, KCL and UCL.