PeaceJam UK

Nearly half of the world’s population is under the age of twenty. Most young people do not yet identify themselves as people who can generate greatness in the world and many young people are plagued with overwhelming feelings of helplessness and powerlessness that transcend racial, political and economic boundaries. The PeaceJam Foundation, of which PeaceJam UK is the UK affiliate, was founded to address this need.

PeaceJam UK provides year-long, ongoing education programmes, based on education, inspiration and action, for young people from 5–19.

Hosted project Peacejam UK Shirin Ebadi

Each programme includes curricular activities that enhance both the academic and social-emotional skills of participating students, fostering the essential character traits necessary to create positive change in the world. All the programmes tie to learning standards and engage students in a high quality service-learning process designed to build leadership skills and commitment to community engagement.

The participating Nobel Peace Laureates are directly involved in developing the curriculum and the programme itself. It is the only organisation in the world which has so many Nobel Peace Laureates working together long-term for a common cause – our young people.

Joseph Rotblat was a Nobel Peace Laureate who worked with PeaceJam and wanted to bring the programme to the UK. The first PeaceJam UK Youth Conference was held at the University of Bradford in 2006 and the programme has been growing in strength ever since. The latest one is taking place at the University of Winchester with Nobel Peace Laureate, Jody Williams, in March this year.

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