WMD Awareness

WMD Awarenwss

WMD Awareness works to give young adults in Britain a voice in the ongoing debate on nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

We raise awareness of these issues, giving a fresh perspective on the debate by inspiring younger generations to get involved and have their say. Founded by the late Nobel Peace Prize winner Sir Joseph Rotblat in 2004, we continue his legacy by believing in the power of young people to create change.

Talking Trident

As part of our drive to raise awareness about nukes in the UK, we launched our Talking Trident campaign to start a national conversation about our nuclear weapons system, Trident. We conducted some research into how people in the UK view nuclear weapons and found that although most young people are against nuclear weapons, they are not well informed about the facts and issues. Therefore we decided to launch this campaign, to speak to as many people as possible and to gather people’s opinions to present to a selection of politicians ahead of the 2015 general election.

Get involved

We’re looking for people around the country with a passion for the issue to get involved. Whether you want to help organise events, make films, write articles or bring your own idea to life we’d love you to get involved. Interested? Send your name, age, and a bit of background on yourself and your skills and interests (no more than 250 words) to: dan@wmdawareness.org.uk

For more information on WMD Awareness go to www.wmdawareness.org.uk